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  1. omg what a mess............... well, there's always Eurovision everyone
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pfDksqTQ79Ayeajyu7Hwr6DeUK0TwUhw/view?usp=sharing Found this a couple of weeks ago, made by Forum Coldplay.
  3. don't forget we're talking about the band that had a request section in their setlists on their last tour but they chose to play the same song every night so let's stay realistic
  4. ^ @I ran away maybe add spoiler tags for those who don't want to know the setlist yet
  5. official lyric video! (the Kaotican is nothing special it just says "decoding" and "message successfully decoded")
  6. go to account settings https://coldplaying.com/settings/signature/ and upload a photo (or add from a URL) codes in signatures are the shit
  7. I think that's just a coincidence to be honest. It seems like that hotel was chosen for the event (Glastonbury performace screening) because it has these "hub" rooms with built-in speakers and controllable lighting that kind of look like spaceships.
  8. no.9 in the list? No I meant a singer that doesn't lip-synch
  9. I would literally DIE dark Coldplay sung by the best singer in UK contemporary music (click the link, it's true) bye
  10. Sorry, removed that link here since it's technically the studio version of the song, so an official release. It's better to keep these things in the PMs 🙂
  11. holy fuck, I'm pretty shocked at this, especially the Clocks thing, that's so weird. What is it with that song? First it's the vocals that are almost never live, now it's the instrumentals and the other songs they played at the iHeart Radio festival last year were new recordings?
  12. ok so are we concluding the band (including Chris) did perform the song twice (with some backing tracks as always, and that's def not a big deal) and they recorded the audio twice, but it ended up sounding almost exactly the same because of the post-production? seriously how do you guys discover this I had to listen to that part 3 times after I saw your posts before I could sort of hear it, but only because I know it's there. But how do you know he's not just, you know, singing well? this!! as long as it was played live, as in, what you see being played/sung is live, it counts
  13. Apparently it wasn't live, Chris was in Malibu on Friday apparently and there's no way he'd have bypassed Britain's quarantine rules but I noticed that weird edit at 1:42 too, not sure what happened there
  14. wait I went back and forth between the two videos and at first the vocals did sound exactly the same but I think I notice some subtle differences? - the first 'hour' in 'dancing every hour' sounds is a bit longer in the Brits performance than in the American Idol one (1:07 in the Brits video, 1:12 in American Idol) - the falsetto higher powers sound slightly different - the first 'then your love soooong' is longer in the American Idols performance than in the Brits one so now I'm confused because other than that it does indeed sound identical so how is th
  15. since the song is only 3 and a half minutes long I don't think there's a need for one?
  16. Yes I saw this happened to you earlier and approved your posts as soon as I could! @stephen is there a way to whitelist regular posters who we know aren't spambots?
  17. you mean Heart, right? or is really every radio station part of iHeart Radio these days lol edit: if you mean Heart, you can listen back to the programme via their website too. I'm downloading it atm!
  18. But you don’t know that! They may actually like making music that also happens to appeal to the masses. I don’t know for sure if that’s the case as I don’t know the band personally so yeah, maybe they are puppets. But to be honest I don’t believe a band that is serious about what they’re doing would settle for creating the kind of music their record label wants them to make and only releasing an album they actually like once every other 5 years or so. This band has been going for over 20 years with no line-up changes. That does not happen if you’re not serious/passionate about what you’re doin
  19. Maybe, just an idea, this is the kind of music they want to make? Literally nothing is indicating they desperately want to fit in, they just released a pop song (and it’s a good one in many people’s opinion). Actually they have been releasing pop songs since 2000.
  20. I don't have a clue where people found the link to that website, but this is where I got the hotel - Glastonbury info from: https://www.facebook.com/538nl/posts/10158792614410485 considering the prize's value, a video call with the band isn't out of the realms of possibility I guess!
  21. it seems to be a screening of the Glastonbury performance in a hotel with nifty space hub rooms that have-build in audio systems + a night's stay so that's pretty cool, but the T&C's say the prize is worth €750 so that's um, a lot? Also, you have to live in The Netherlands to enter so if you don't, don't bother (they know your location through Spotify)
  22. Also I agree Jonny's guitar shouldn't have been buried in the mix in the studio version goddammit whose idea was that?? I just want to talk
  23. Yes lol, with brand new ones even. And I can't hear it in the live version either... pretty sure it's really the backwards line. I just don't know how on earth people deciphered that without the official lyrics, from hearing him sing it I would have assumed it was some foreign language
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