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Songs you've heard a 1000 times and still aren't overplayed?

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Manowar - The Master of The Wind (I love this song since 1991 :D )


Coldplay - In My Place, The Scientist, Spies, Clocks, Yellow, Trouble....OK so all of their songs :cool:


Enya(especially The Memory Of Trees)


The Frames - Seven Day Mile, Perfect Opening Line, Fake, Star Star.....and many others :smug:






I dunno now :D

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Green Eyes!

Warning sing!

Your world turns up side down!



Take me out!...FF

Auf Achse!...FF

Flowers in the window!...Travis!

Sing for abolution!...Muse

So yesterday!..HD...ok...I´m too comercial!

Secret!...Maroon 5!

George Michael...Amazing!

Blur!...Sweet song!

Radiohead!...where I end and you begin!

Norah Jones...what am I to you?

You don´t know my name!...AK!

Contigo - Sin bandera!



for the moment!



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songs I could play endlessly and never get sick of:


Radiohead - Paranoid Android, There There, Everything In Its Right Place

Jeff Buckley - Grace, Hallelujah, Mojo Pin, Kanga Roo

Oasis - Champagne Supernova, Fade In-Out

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Heart + Soul, Whatever Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll?

The Strokes - Reptilia

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

Massive Attack - Teardrop

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there are so many of them i'll make a top5 so i won't kill people to boredom :P ;


x Foo Fighters || Everlong

x CMX || Palvelemaan Konetta

x Coldplay || Clocks

x Moby || Porcelain

x Weezer || Buddy Holly


yay. :smug:

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coldplay - the scientist, i ran away, don't panic, careful where you stand, in my place, trouble, shiver, ...

musiq soulchild - 143

blur - song 2

oasis - wonderwall

travis - sing, the humpty dumpty love song

ash - candy

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*Dont Panic

*A rush of blood to the head



*Maybe Tomorrow // Stereophonic

*If I am // Nine Days

*Somewhere only we know // Keane

*Here is gone // Goo Goo Dolls

*Come Clean // Hilary Duff


Ufff....I have more.... but I get bored writing all of it... :P

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