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I wanted to get a beetle until I found out it was a manual, then I wanted to get a mini minor but Mum won't let me because I will be crushed by those "soccor mums" with those massive 4 wheel drives. :P


I don't know what a jetta is...

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I've read some terrible reviews of how bad they are, including the windows falling into the door, check engine light coming on all the time, electrical issues, etc. I guess every car has problems, but the UW seems to have many that people repeatively complain about. I really like the look of the car, but I must admit I am worried.

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I was just wondering if anyone here owns a volkswagen jetta here. What do you think of it? Have you had many problems with it?




We have a 97 Jetta, and it runs fine now. The only reason we had problems with it was because my brother totally screwed it up. But my moms boyfriend fixed it and its a really good ride...god on gas mileage too.

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