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~*~ The Official Will Champion Appreciation Thread ~*~


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In case that not everyone has seen it, on the Twitter account of ColdplayXtra (ColdplayAtlas) are more pics and more to read about that day in Coldplay's studio.




Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1113786816560336896?s=20

Oh, I had no idea there were more, thanks for sharing! Here they are:








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2:03..... my favourite part of the song!!!:heart_eyes: I think this performance on Graham Norton's show is actually their best TV performance so far.

Will's vocals fit just perfectly (2:11 --- 2:25) and thank you for zooming in on Will!


I also realized that this might be their best song of this decade.

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On 1/25/2019 at 7:02 PM, Britishful said:


I personally think Jonny should have a very small beard, it suits him, like during AHFOD Tour. Will during MX tour was probably the best look out of him during all tours, in my opinion. Will with small hair at the top and that beard (showed in the photo) is probably his best look at any tour, it really suits him.


I agree he looks amazing like this! He always looks great imo but I wish he had the style all the time. But he can do whatever he pleases , obviously 

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