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Chris Martin: I did assault photographer (2004)


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Coldplay singer Chris Martin has admitted attacking a photographer in the street.


Chrish Martin tripped Alessandro Copetti when he tried to take a shot of him and wife Gwyneth Paltrow leaving a restaurant. The 27-year-old singer had claimed "aggressive" Copetti stumbled chasing their taxi. But after a five-month investigation he has owned up and accepted a police caution.


The photographer said Martin brought him down with a kick from behind as he photographed Gwyneth when she was pregnant with daughter Apple. Copetti injured his knee and broke his flash gun outside San Lorenzo in London's Knightsbridge, says The Sun.


He said: "At least he's accepted responsibility. The police said he apologised to them and was very helpful. But he has never apologised to me. He seems to think it is okay to be violent to photographers because he is a celebrity."


Police said: "A 27-year-old man was cautioned for common assault."


Source: Ananova

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I agree violence brings more violence. Each situation is getting more serious he has got to control himself. no one deserve to be attack, we are not animals how can some support violence even on this level, We are becoming a sad bunch of people.violence is ok if it's some we like beatting someone we do not like, I'm sicken by this.

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well i think kicking photographers by celebs is a common thing.


i've seen even more horrible cases than Chris!


but you see if some one is pregnant and he is the husband just imagine how that will look like.


and some photographer chases you and takes your photo how annoying that'ld be.



and also in australia while he was surfing at beach some photographer has taken his photo but chris broken his car's windows or something like shield.


and yeah at kate moss's birthday in 2004 while leaving it.


and that is just an another incident while leaving restaurant in 2004 with wife being pregnant.


after that for about 2008 we don't have any such incidents.:D

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