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A Normal Thread (What have you been buying for xmas?)


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God, what the hell is taking up pages of this forum, topics on 2 main members, what fun....


and now to drop the sarcasm.


Christmas is coming, the goose are apparently getting fat, and we all have so much to do in this time of commerical sellout.


So what have you been buying?


i shockingly haven't gotten around to buying cards, yet laone any presents yet. bad me

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for my mom:

peppermint feet gel from the body shop. it relaxes or something like that.

after eights. she loves them i think.

new mascara, she wanted it.

a book of murphy's laws.


for my "best friend":

a PJ

and then i'll burn her a cd of random stuff.


my 2 closest cousins:

a singing tie. i bet he's not gonna wear it though but it was just funneee.

a beanie


all this cwazy spongebob squarepants stuff. :blush:




i feel poor now but i don't mind.

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i did my xmas shopping for 15$ today!


for my bro: a blue goblet

for my sis and bro-in-law: a sweet striped colorful random bowl

for my grandma: a mug

for my parents: a weak plant



$15?! :sick:

I'm strapped for cash and I still managed to spend at least $150 on my family. :lol:

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