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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?


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Guest LiquidSky

Last night I dream that...


I was at this cd store and there was this huge poster of Coldplay and I was like "Wow! I'm gonna buy this one" and I was so excited 'cause I was gonna buy it, but I didn't even looked at what the price was, 'cause you know poster don't cost more than $20..... and then when I was about to buy it, it costed $120 dollars, I was like "What?!" yeah.. but it was so pretty (the poster) I don't think I've seen one like that one before......


Anyways, I also dream that I was with my friend who I known since I was a baby..... haven't seen her in such a long time, like 10 years that I've seen her....... :cry: hope I'll see her soon :)


So what did you dream? :D :P

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I dreamt that me and one of my ex's were sitting on this bench in some park and we were talking then he offered me a sip of his drink and i'm like 'No' and he started screaming at me so i ran off on him then I saw this footballer (Australian) and he's like 'Oh don't be sad, come with me' so I went with him and then...I won't go on.. :dozey:


I have weird dreams...

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