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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?


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I had this dream back in July but I still remember it. So a few weeks before my first MX concert but 3rd overall concert, I had a dream I was at a Coldplay concert... But I had AMAZING SEATS! Front row, much closer than I'd ever been. I think I even got to meet Coldplay in my dream lol. Little did I k ow that in real life I would be upgraded to the front row! Talking about dreams coming true! I still am working on meeting them one day though.

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For the first time ever, I did. But it was because I watched Glastonbury 2011 on TV before I went to bed. All I remember about it now is that I was back in Dallas (where they were this past summer), and I had like front row seats -- and they played A Rush of Blood to the Head and I died.


There was more to it, but it's been like a week-and-a-half, so.



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