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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?


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omg I think I am obsessed noni because I had another dream last night! No joke!

Me and someone else met them and we were talking to Chris and Jonny then Jon left and then me and Guy were like play fighting with each other then we cooked for Chris and Jonny! Twas freaky! :lol:

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i had a strange confusing dream last night.


i was at a coldplay concert and i was right up at the front between chris and jonny. chris kept looking at me.

so in the middle of the concert coldplay took a break. i called out to chris and he came over. i said, "hey chris, did you sign a lithograph for a contest?"

chris: "no"

me: you didn't? *confused* but i won a contest and it was signed by you.

chris: i don't remember signing one.


me: oh...okay...


so then he saw i was sad for some reason and came off stage and gave me a hug! :blush: so after the concert my friend (who doesn't like coldplay i don't know why she was there) she said, "look amanda i got his cell phone!"


me: what?! where did you get that?!

emma: i took it from him.

me: why?!

emma: i dunno.


and then she started looking through it and we found wills phone number. so she calls him up and says hi. the he was like, "who is this?"

emma: i'm emma

will: okay...do i know you from some place?

emma: no but i'll call you later will. *hangs up*


:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


i think the reason in my dream that i got a hug from him is because my friend met sum41 the other day and two of the band members hugged her! lucky bitch. :P



did my dream make any sense? :/

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Guest LiquidSky



why don't I ever have dreams like that.........?


I only dreamt of Coldplay like 4 times........ :dozey:


one you already know and the other 3 were about me meeting them..... :blush:

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Guest LiquidSky

you know I took a nap and then I was dreaming that I was sleeping and then I feel this hand trying to wake up and I hear this voice "Wake up, wake up" and then I woke up in my dream and it was Guy and then when I saw him I stunned and then I woke up and there was nobody there... :/


my dreams are non-sexual! :( :angry: :dozey:

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