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ALLERGIES, who has 'em?

Matter-Eater Lad

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I can't wear any jewellery that isn't gold or white gold (which is pretty cool to be honest) I'm allergic to the salsa at work (but that's like the only salsa I'm allergic to :thinking:) and if I wear perfume for too long I get a rash


me too! all except for the salsa bit...oh, and also pollen, soda and cheese.

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I have hayfever, and a bitch of a birch pollen allergy. It causes cross reactions, which means when I eat most raw fruits, nuts & vegetables my body mistakes it for birch pollen and spazzes out on me. My lips, mouth and throat itch and swell up.


But I can eat anything i'm allergic to if it's been cooked, canned, made into juice etc, because then my body doesn't see it as birch pollen. :confused:


So yeah, I have allergies :laugh4: The human body is so weird. :sick:

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