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ALLERGIES, who has 'em?

Matter-Eater Lad

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I have allergies to practically everything.


I'm allergic to pretty much everything outdoors ( like flowers, grass, mold, leaves, and trees including the type of tree that completely covers my town), pretty much all animals with fur, dust, eggs, peanuts, most other nuts, AND I'm lactose intolerant which isn't an allergy but is still very annoying


And according to my friends, I am allergic to happiness :blank:

And boys :blank: :blank:

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cherry -makes me sneeze-, plum -letal-, peach -can't eat nor touch it-, apricot -can't eat it-.

funny how some years ago my only problem was plum -that was letal-, i have problems with almonds and other nuts, but i have not been diagnosed about those ones.

curious thing is i can have those fruits in juice way with no problem.


i think i still have some pollen allergy and dust allergy.

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It's a cold medication but it tastes so nice ;[


I mean fuck

I'm allergic to something that tastes literally like LIQUID STRAWBERRIES without the pips and with extra sweetness

Do you know how good that is!!!

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