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great love songs


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Damien Rice - Delicate :heart:


Awww :D That is also on a loooooong list of love songs that I...love.


"We might kiss... when we are alone.... It's not that we're scared... it's just that it's.............................delicaaate" :gorgeous:



I also like

Eva Cassidy - Songbird

Elton John - Your Song

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me


and numerous others :shy:

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yes, second on U2's with or without you, one of my definite favorites.


as far as coldplay, besides the obvious ones, i really like sparks


and what about maps, from the yeah yeah yeahs...."wait........they don't love you like i love you..."

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the one of the greatest love songs-green eyes(guess by who;) )


and also:

when a man loves a woman-percy something i suppose;)

chciałbym umrzeć z miłości-myslovitz(in english it means "I wanna from love" and it goes like that: "not in peace/not in sleep/I wanna die near you"or smth like that :P)


diana krall-almost all ;) ;)


but green eyes rulez... :D

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There are so many beautiful love songs, but today I'm listening to the Rachel Yamagata's "Be Be Your Love"-

"Everybody's talking how I can't can't be your love

But I want want wanna be your love

Want to be your love, for real

Want to be your everything"


And the other beautiful lovesongs? hymmm "True love waits" and '"Exit music" by Radiohead, "Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości" ("I'd like to die of love") by polish band Myslovitz, "Warning sign" and "The Scientist", few songs by Damien Rice... andy many moree:) Witam fufufutrzaka :)

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