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MAD-TV spoof of The Scientist video


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Has anyone seen this?


Not that I watch that damn stupid show (SNL is soooo much better and funnier), but just a day or so I ago I was scanning through the channels and came across Comedy Central playing an old episode in which there is a spoof os the Scientist video.


The same guy who plays that baby in those reoccuring skits plays Chris walking backwards (just walking backwards--no effects) and singing forwards with altered lyrics that are poking fun at Chris and the band and such. I believe the song was renamed "The Narcicist" lol.


I think I remember one line from the song being "I am the new Bono" or maybe "I want to be the new Bono" or "I'm trying to be the new Bono" or something like that. There was also some stuff about the paparazzi, Gwyneth, I think Apple, trying to write songs that mean something.


Just kinda interesting and I've never seen it before. :rolleyes:

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ahhh yes, the "narcissist!" :lol:

i saw the first airing of that in late 2003, i think...

what a hysterical spoof! it had everyone rolling on the floor in my house.

...i've been trying to see the repeat, but always seem to miss it. jessica alba was guest starring in that episode, right?

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hmm. i'm not sure if she was. she could have been though lol. i turned it off after i saw that. I really don't watch the show that much, i just don't think its really funny. I think they try too hard :D

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it's not much, but i found some info. on the spoof music video:


Music Video: The Narcissist (#905)

Chris Martin: Michael McDonald

Old Lady: Extra

Basketball Player: Extra


(Starts with a close up of Chris Martin with his eyes closed while rolling text appears at the top right of the screen which says: Winner of 3 Video Music Awards: Best Vocalist, Best Stubble, Best Fake Dreaming he then opens his eyes)


Chris Martin: Everyone loves me, i speak for the people.

I am a sensitive rock star.

I have this talent i can walk backwards,

In fact i can go in a (......?)


(Walks backwards into an Old Lady )


Old Lady: Watch it! Teabag.


Chris Martin: Hey walking backwards is easy.

If your built like me with a hot bod,

And your a gift from god.


(Walks backwards through two guys playing basketball and the ball goes into his hands as it rebounds off the backboard)


Basketball Player: What the hell are you doing white boy?


Chris Martin: Im a good person, im super caring, i have a huge bleeding heart.

My music's important im an inferno, im a true lover of art.

I date Gwenyth Paltrow, if you dont know that, boy you must be some kind of tard.

Life in the spotlight aint easy, you've always got to keep on your guard.

(Drives backwards into cyclist)

Oops! i just made him a quad



The Narcissist

Director: Chris Martin

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I love that skit. :D I also like the one that's a parody of Speed of Sound. Meh, madTV's okay. I'm glad you people don't hate it. I hate it when people on here just hate people/songs/shows JUST because they make fun of Coldplay. I'm fine with jokes, but I get really pissed when it's pure hate.

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