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What was the last song you learned?


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Yuh im incredibly bored here, And I know there is not a thread like this

As teh title says, Say the last song you leart on any instrument, From spoons to pianos anything :P


Muse - The Small Print (Guitar)

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Colorblind from the Counting Crows on piano (I feel damn good, I figured out how to do it COMPLETELY on my own :smug: and that for someone who only plays the piano for about a year..)

next thing is gonna be Evil - Interpol on bass guitar

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I dont have a recording of the song so I cant figure it out :dozey:


And its pointless giving me notes or sheet music because I dont know anything of the sort! The only thing I can read it guitar tab.

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hahahaha.. I hate it that I never seem to notice when someone's being sarcastic on a forum or msn.. *silly me*


last thing learned: californication - rhcp (bassguitar again)


I wasnt being sarcastic :thinking:

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on the piano probaly Wish you were here by Pink floyd but i am a noob on the piano, on the guitar the last song i propaly learnt to play was 'Little wing' by Jimi hendrix. It was for my A-level performance.

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