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Are you religious?


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I did a thread where i posted a quiz link. :idea2:

it said i was agnostic. but my family (most them) are cristians (catholic) but some other relatives aren't religious or catholic and i don't have problem with them in this way.


I think i'm christian.... but i think i don't need to go to the church everyday to show i'm a christian. :idea2: I just live religion in my own way and more or less as Jesus Christ said we msut live it.


We don't have to go to a place where a men told you how to pray, God (if it exist) will help you where you pray at him.


On the other hand i don't agree with some opinions and rules that says the Pope, etc.

I think that they must allow the priest and bishop to get married and i think they must allow women to have the same opportunities as men have there. :)


So yeah i'm mostly agnostic but also a bit catholic. :)

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so by chinese traditional, you mean Taoism? Or Confucianism? Oh, and Buddhism was also around in China.


Of course there's also Shinto, Wicca, Paganist, etc...



And I find Buddhism relates to my beliefts the most.

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well i'm actually jewish. i'm not strongly religious or anything, my family goes against the rules of not eating pork, and not mixing dairy with meat. and i don't go to shul, but my family still celebrates all the holidays and stuff. and my brother had a bar mitzvah :idea2: me and my sisters didn't though, its because it's more important that boys have one....sort of looked down upon if they don't i think.

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