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War of the Worlds


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I didnt like the movie.








Its like all the other dissaster movies. A hero, he survives, some people with him, and its a all happy american familiy. WTH. Let the hero die and let 75% of the family die.


The first lightning shuts down all cars. Then they repair a car. Ray gets that car and get on. After a while hes in a house wuth those 2 kids. Then there comes another lightning. Electricity is all down. Next day, first thing to do is to run to the car. (Now tell me why? There was lightning so the car wouldnt work) and what dýa think... THEY JUST DRIVE AWAY. WTF.

there are some more of this kind of stuff.

I give it a 6/10.

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I haven't seen Lord of the Rings (not really a fan)' date=' but the special effects are pretty good. There are aliens, and how believeable can aliens really be? This movie does a good job.[/quote']



:lol: Thanks for the reply. But as for not liking the Lord of the Rings.. :stunned:

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They fixed the car remember?

they fixed it, but after that is another lightning.

At the beginning all the cars where working, but after the lightning they broke down. They fixed one of the cars, and Ray took that car. But after the 2nd lightning, that car would be broken down, but he just starts it.

I guess this is not really a movie for me,.. I found it dissapointing,, I guess I will just stay with the shining today...

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I haven't seen the film yet but I was a huge fan of the original War Of The Worlds movie (from 1952), and also of the original HG Wells novel which was set in Woking and Kensington in the 1880's. Both are very creepy and are well worth checking out!



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