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What is your current most hated song??


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I can't find one between the songs of the Blue guys (Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan) and an awful song by an italian singer ("Sara" by Paolo Meneguzzi)...


Oh yeah - those "Blue" guys have gone solo, and they're dreadful.


So who is Paolo - some Italian "pretty boy" known more for his looks than his vocals?? :P

"Blue" guys were terrible even when they stayed all together...


Yeah, Paolo is a terrible singer... he's famous for his andsome look...

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all the crazy frog s***' date=' it really annoys the hell out of me :angry: :angry: :angry: It's not even music[/quote']


What is that? I've never heard it. Is it a song or a group or a sound?



Anything with Kelly Clarkson "singing"in it is bad news for my poor ears. :angry:


the crazy frog is kind of a man made elelctronic novelty bunch of crap - that actually kept clodplay from getting to number 1 on the charts. it is basically a glorified cell phone ring tone :rolleyes: it sucks!!

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