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an 0 question


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I say O...but i dont know why???? I thinks its becuase zero takes longer to say (ok i dont really know im just trying to give any reason).


But saying ZERO 7939 sounds strange to me, where as O 7939 sounds clearer :confused: :/ man im fucked up?!?!?!?!

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0 before 7 ... some people would day zero instead of 'o' is its easier to role of the tougne however when people say 0 before the number 4 they will say 'o'


and in football on September 10th people say Man City 3 Man Utd 0 they will say Man City three man utd nil

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no laziness!

I used to say zero and my teachers kept correcting me (to say O ) and now the letter stuck on my vocabulary.

I find it weird. It has never happened to me with people from the U.S.A though

Might be a coincidence

Who knows!

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Guest LiquidSky

Tuertita! Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


I always say "O" when giving a number 'cause when I say "Zero" some people get confused :stunned: go figure :lol:

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