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Any song that ever made you cry?


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For you makes me cry cause I always hear this song when I feel low... but after listening on it I feel much better.

Another one: Fix you (emotional lyrics)


Well, I don't imagine how it would be if I listen their songs in a live concert.

When you go to a gig I'm sure that you cry so much... don't you? :bigcry:

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i cried profusely when i heard Yellow live and also about 4 years ago when i was in the middle of an ugly situation Yellow made me cry several times :embarrased: i also got all teary eyed and excited when i heard Speed of sound for the very first time on steve lamaq after almost 3 years of waiting for a new single from the guys

any song by another band: How to disappear completely? by Radiohead

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Fix You made me cry... the lyrics just fit my current situation at the time...


"And the tears come streaming down your face,

when you lose something you can't replace,

when you love someone but it goes to waste,

could it be worse?"

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"Talk." More than once.


I mean... I completely relate to it, right down to the word "brother." Last week I was missing my bro a lot, and on the ride to McDonald's me and my mom played Talk. By the time he said "Oh brother, I can't believe it's true... I'm so scared about the future, and I wanna talk to you," I was bawling. Sometimes I want to skip it... but I let it play anyway.


Oh, I swear. You know how people have theme songs and stuff? My older sister and my mom kind of appointed Talk to me.

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i've cried like a baby in: In my place, the scientist, the hardest part and trouble specially...those songs speak to me, sometimes it sounds as though i had written them...:bigcry:


amsterdam, fix you, how you see the world, politik have also shaken me...but have never made me cry!

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Well I cry every time I hear A Warning Sign it's just so sad and emotional, just the start of the song makes me cry so I usually skip it :P now even though I love it so much. I can relate to every lyric that is sung...like most of the song is so true to my position in life. Um...The Scientist is the same especially when Chris sings "It's such a shame for us to part" if you know what I mean and basically the rest of the song. But unlike most who have wrote about this, I've never cried during Fix You...I don't find it very emotional but rather uplifting.

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