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Those songs that get stuck in your head...


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You all know what I'm talking about.

The songs that get stuck in your head and they stick there for like, 2-3 days! And you can't get them out!!!



Right now....I have both Minority and American Idiot stuck in my head...by Green Day


and as much as I like those songs....they won't get out! :angry:

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I usually have the last song I listen to stuck in my head, until I listen to another one. But once, for 2 whole weeks, I had that "chickity china the chinese chicken, you have a drumstick and ya brain stops tickin'" song stuck in my head. Just that ONE line.


Over. and over. and over. and over. and fuckin' over again.


:bigcry: :bigcry:


It was bad.

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'cant get you out of my head' - kylie


i was just about to say that:


i just cannnnn'ttt get you outtaaa my heaaaaadddddd


it's true though. you just can't.


another song --> loneeeeelllyyyy, i am so loneelllyyy, i have nobodyyyy (that stupid akon song, my friend keeps singing it except she's changed the words to "hungryyyy, i am so hungrryyy" and then it makes me hungry :angry:

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