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Still, you can't deny his life has been more successful than yours.


Success is a journey, not a destination.;)


And back to the original point, I'm sure he can write a song better than you can


Whether he can or not is completely irrelevant. His songs are still ultra-dull.;)

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Happy things :D













aww good ol take that:D I remember falling deeply inlove with Mark Owen after Babe was release

I do no mean the movie Mark



When threads are in the names of more than one person, e.g. Carla and Chavi's.;)


I think Jen still has to get used to the fact she has a thread, as for me I need to run into my thread ALL the time as it was created to be off topic, and well I tend to get off topic everywhere.. especially when chavi's around :P

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to change the theme slightly: knitted flowers :D




Those are knitted??? :shocked2:


I can't knit to save my life....... :\

my mom tried to teach me once but i sucked at it...... and i can't remember a thing now :embarassed:

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