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CAN'T WAIT fer COLDPLAY live performance at the 2005 EMAs


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No probs :) ......i am away when its on, so i have THREE people recording it for me!!! Just incase one's dvd breaks, and the other forgets! Gotta have back ups! :lol:


Oh and they are performing remember! So exciting!!!!!


Backups... :lol:

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I really hope that they'll win an award.. I mean, they're nominated in FIVE categories, they HAVE TO win something!! I don't care about all these American MTV Awards like VMA's and so on, because only hip hop guys and Green Day win over there ;) But Coldplay definitely derseve some EMA's, they really do :D And I can't wait for their performance either - I kind of hope that they'll play "Talk" and not "Fix You" again..

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@ Sarah: MTV Germany shows it from 20:00 on! The red carpet show starts at 8 pm, the official show probably one hour later! But I guess you shouldn't miss the MTV News Special with Markus Kavka at 18:30, maybe they'll show something of Coldplay, too :D


Yeah, my vote goes to Talk, too.. I truly hope they'll perform it! I think they won't perform Fix You again, as they've already performed it at other MTV awards this year!

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I love Fix You, but I'm kind of ready for a new song right now. I got so sick of The Scientist when it was out cuz they kept on playing it over and over again: on the radio, on tv, they'd perform it wherever they go. I love it now once again, but that's cuz I'm not forced to hear/watch it everyday. Same with Fix You. I'm really ready for Talk now. I haven't seen them in concert, but I'm sure it's one of the best on the setlist when performed. PLEASE! Perform Talk!

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