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sorry if this has already been posted. The new single "talk" is out Dec 19th. The band took time out while touring america to record 2 brand new b sides!This news was taken from the new issue of NME. I cant wait! :)

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totally sure?

Where did you get that info?

I though it would goin' to be the 24th of Jan.. :confused:


as i said in my message the info was taken from NME magazene.

I go to see them in manchester on the same day which is a dream come true. They better play "a message"!!

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Well, it was originally planned that they'll release it on January 23, but I guess they want to reach a Number 1 through Christmas sales ;)


Here's the cover - it's orange this time :D


That will look nice on the Dutch EP :lol:

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Yey. Can't wait. Now I know what I'll "order" for X-mas. Well, I always ask a friend abroad to send me CP singles 'cos they don't sell singles in Estonia. :o And I love the bright colour! :)

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Maybe it will be one another EP.


It's highly unlikely the leaked Version of Talk is in Coldplay's eyes complete garbage so that it never will be released.


The song was great, that's why I think it'll get released ... but I don't have the faintest idea of when ;)

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I dont think they really need to release it. It would be nice' date=' but I think they figure most people have it anyway. Keep us posted on when the names of the songs are released.[/quote']

Exactly. I'll be hella disappointed if they release the other Talk, when they can release something else we haven't already heard.


Now if they release that other 3rd version of Talk that no one has, thennn that's a different story!

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