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Talk Single (not just another thread.. check this out...)


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I think they'll have a fourth in Europe.


Probably. It'll be a stretch to go for a fourth here in the States anyway. Speed of Sound was played on all the radio stations' date=' even Top 40... but Fix You got shafted to the local "specialized" stations. We'll be lucky if Talk makes it...[/quote']

Talk definitely will make it. It already has, kinda! I hear it played *all* the time here and it's not even officially out yet. I've never heard Fix You on the radio though.


Three cheers for Talk and a #1 single! :D

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I have a feeling, Talk will make a similar mark as clocks did. maybe not the same popularity, but its a very good "rocking out" song, as fix you, although a favorite to many of us die hards was sort of a downer. Talk is a more up beat song, and we all know most people don't listen to the lyrics, they just wanna bang their head to something.

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