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Have u ever loved somebody so much it made u cry??

staring elf

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I have cried...but never over a boyfriend...I have cried thinking about how much I love my parents and family, and my best friend...just cuz I love and appreciate them so much that I can't hold it all in. I cry a lot tho...not like a cry baby, I'm just really in touch with my emotions. Its good for me. I love people.

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i've never cried over someone because i was in love with him.. the times where i did cry was:

a) when the r'ship was over, so was our friendship. we used to be really good friends then it just... you know..dissapeared.

2) when you like someone one minute, and you don't the next.. but you get all this weird feelings in you when you see him. and you know you shouldn't have a crush on him because of certain things. so you're kinda stuck in the middle- that made me cry. :(



okay now i am just gonna lie in darkness, stare at the ceiling and have "the scientist" on. bwaa..!

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