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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross


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I hope this wasn't posted before...



from the official page:


Coldplay will appear on this week's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. The band will, for the first time on a UK talk show, be interviewed as well perform their forthcoming single Talk.

--> on Fri 2 Dec, 10:35pm - 11:35pm, BBC1





... and I hope someone will be able to upload it. :/

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oooooooooooooh! sooooooooo exciting. I have a day off tomorrow and my evening all planned - chinese for dinner, shopping in my village cos it's late opening, 8pm everybody loves raymond, then Jonothan Ross (granted it's like 2 hours later but I'm sure I'll fill my time well! :P ) :D

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^Wow that sounds like my perfect night in! Everybody Loves Raymond...shopping....Chinese!!!!....girl you have good taste!!! :thumbsup:!!!!



Unfortunatley i am out with my friends, i would usually cancel as its Coldplay, but they are dragging me out coz they havent seen me in a month. :rolleyes: So i've set the tape to record! :D

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