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I miss you Jacob!


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Jacob is from Etobicoke....a really nice guy on this board.. he has to stay away from the board to improve his marks in school..it's the final stretch of the school year, so we should see him soon.. :)


I know Amanda..i'm never on when you're on.. :shrug:

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ye ye! I'll give ya directions if ya want! lmao


OHHHHH yesterday, my drafting teacher was like "hey Andrie, could you go get something from my car?" and Andrei, my friend, said "Yea sure, what car is it?" And the drafting teacher said "the one with the license plate FUNDAY" lol. So me and my friends were bugging the teacher, asking hiim questions like "Hey sir, is there a rainbow on your license plate too?" and then at the end, My friends dared me to ask the teacher "Sir, do you lead the parade?"

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