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What Are You Wearing Right Now?

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Hahaha I cant believe this hasnt been made yet.


I'm wearing just boxers :stunned: Not even kidding.



hahahaha! actually it was made sometime back... but I don't know if the search button is working again... or if it was even worth searching for lol but I am glad that this was one of your last threads before you got locked into the BB house :P


I'm wearing a t-shirt.. some yoga pants and a really big soft fluffy bathrobe... :) keeps me warm..

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Nothing ;)



lmfao sorry, it had to be done.



Um. I'm wearing blue and red striped ugly pajama bottoms and a grey pajama shirt that has dog foot prints on it. And orange socks.



Comfort comes at a fashion cost in my house, I'm afraid :lol:

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