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Can United catch Chelsea?

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What do you think?




1. Chelsea 88 p

2. Manchester United 79 p


5 matches left




33. Chelsea-West Ham 4-1

34. Bolton-Chelsea 0-2

35. Chelsea-Everton 3-0

36. Blackburn-Chelsea

37. Chelsea-Manchester United

38. Newcastle-Chelsea


Man Utd:


33. Manchester United-Arsenal 2-0

34. Manchester United-Sunderland 0-0

35. Tottenham-Manchester United 1-2

36. Manchester United-Middlesbrough

37. Chelsea-Manchester United

38. Manchester United-Charlton

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What people are forgetting is that Cheslea are to have 3 points taken away from them at the end of season due to their meeting with mr cole last year.


Man U could beat Chelsea to the premiership but it would be a shame because shrek would finally get a medal would something.

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I think its all to late myself however its a remarkable achivment they have managed to pull it this close... considering the Chelsea factor..... It will be good for the game..................


Personally I will be delighted to see Man U to win the premier league title, even though they are the inbread-local scum...and come derby day, I take a great deal of personal pride and satisfaction when we batter them.


At least they built the club on its on its own self development with success as both a football team and business..... Netherless the likes of Chelsea, can almost destory it in the their whole approach, both on and off the field.

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Can Utd win it? It's looking unlikely although if any team can catch up with the Blues Man U can. We're the only team around with enough quality (and more importantly character) to have a chance of pulling this off :smug:


Four points with six games to go is not too much although since we're talking Chelsea here it's going to be a formidable task. I wouldn't bet against it :sneaky:

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ManU-Arsenal is great. The best chance in the first half had Rooney 5 minutes before half-time. His shot was blocked by Touré with his hands and the ball hit the post. It must have been a red card! Lehmann also got injured in this situation... Hope it's not serious...

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