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Post Your Least Favorite Thing about Coldplay.


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Gonna have to go with the fact that they haven't released an offical remix of white shadows. I could imagine a wicked club remix of that. (Or even better, a pendulum remix!)


...In fact, most of their tracks don't seem to be given official remix treatment.

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Guest LiquidSky

That Johnny has a g/f :dozey: j/k


One of the things I dislike is that they are a bit too big and I want the lyrics on the albums!

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The thing I don't like about Coldplay is that X&Y weren't as good as I had hoped. I hope their next album will be better. And their videos arent really good either (except the scientist). And i think it's too bad that Chris gets all the attention, but it's like that in almost all todays bands, the singer is the most important one for the media.


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Yeah but i didnt like how Chris stole Will's thunder at the Brits. That wasn't really fair. :\ He said he was going to let him speak, for the first time!! and then adds his own thing at the end about going away for ages which obviously everyone focused on. They even cut out that will had dedicated the award to that boy....shame :(

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