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Best concert other than Coldplay?

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Other than Coldplay?....hmmm...


Linkin Park - November 2004 at Wembley Arena - Me loves them :nice:


Moby - 2003 I think it was...:thinking: @ Wembley Arena - great show. :cool:


Michael Jackson @ Wembley Stadium - :cool: First ever concert I ever went to. I was 10years old, lol! It was incredible. He may be a tad bit freaky but heck he's a showman and a half.


Arctic Monkeys - last week. Blinding!!! :D

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Probably Incubus' date=' U2, and The Hives were the best concerts I've been to other than Coldplay. Incubus played for almost 3 hours. It was awesome. .[/quote']


Oh wow always wanted to see Incubus. that sounds so awesome (3hrs!)

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U2 was good, even if ur not a U2 fan, you still love the show.


Pearl Jam back in Septermber was an in-concert force to be reckoned with. I'm going to see them again on Tuesday.

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i hope some day coldplay comes to argentina. it's the best band ever! :heart:

but i also liked the strokes concert (along with kings of leon and other artists) and franz ferdinand.

they were great! ;)

i missed the u2 concert, unluckily. well, another bands i would like to see are the arctic monkeys, snow patrol, fiona apple, death cu for cuitie, etc...





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The best concerts... well , there was the Beatles in NYC, then the Stones, Aerosmith, GNR, Pink Floyd, Zepplin, Eric Clapton, those all a few years ago


The best this last year... well, Aerosmith (20 yrs later), the Stones (20 yrs later), Velvet Revolver (Slash, 20 yrs later), David Gilmore (20 yrs later)... how crazy is that, just goes to show you rock and roll never dies, well , unless you almost die falling out of a coconut tree last week... crazy Keith Richards!


And just three days ago...Train, outstanding guitar playing and Pat Monahan's voice can blow you away and did Zepplin (Goin To California acoustic) and Aerosmith (Dream On) better than Zepplin and Aerosmith... Drops of Jupiter and Calling All Angels, my favorites! :)

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