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The Ambition Thread


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What do you hope to do in life? Climb Everest, swim naked in a tropical lagoon, write a book, kiss Guy, (or Will, or Chris of Jonny), or maybe just get married and be happy?


One thing I would dearly love to do is to fly outside the earth's atmosphere. Maybe one day .....

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I want to be rich..and um..I want to get a placebo hat and...I want to have a career in graphic design one day...:) theres more but I can't think straight right now...flying outside the earth's atmosphere would probably scare me....but yay go you Victoria!!!! :D :D

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cough cough




marry keanu reeves




cough cough






um well have a job that i`d like




cough cough





have kidz wiff keanu reeves















help poor ppl








that`s a long post!






















a red porsche!!

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travel to alot of different countries and learn and appreciaite the cultures there



get married to a loyal husband



to have kids



to live in italy france and ireland at least for 2 years as a resident



to sky dive





to finish highschool with at least a 3.5 or above gp




to get out of here for good!




to gt accepted to columbia university in new york






to see at least one solar eclipse






to meet coldplay radiohead and lifehouse




to go to at least 1 concert of all m,y fav bands






to have a highschool sweetheart who stick by me





to flash at least one float in mardegras




to visit africa and help out with stuff there




to go to the top of the empire state building and the ifle tower





to get braces on and off and over with






to marry a euro guy muhahahaha sry...



ok i have more im sure but im done for now..nice thread

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I wanna be GANSTA...reall thugged out..know wha I'm seeing yo..what the dilly yo..













of course not...

umm I'm liek to achieve spiritual happiness which should bring along personl peace and unity and blah blah blah..I'd like tp publish my poetry..marry soemone descent and have an awesome family, travel to my places of interest, have guys and chris's babies or make out with them or slap them on ass would be fine, hitting will over the head with something cause his head is like a watermelon (no offense to the I-want-to-fuck-will-ers),do something that my parents would say, "I loved that..good decision" or get some sort of approval of them .just for once....have my own cafe-pub-spa thingy...I think thats about it...

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yah, well...like...l am into the quite simple pleasures...so...l wouldnt go out of my way to be happy...but...if l had the opportunity for anything to happen!

l would just live in some small cottage in the middle of some forest, surrounded by lovely scenery...and live there alone?? or with someone...and just be happy....l would paint all day...thats what l wish l could do...


sadly its quite unrealistic..cuz money hsa to come from somewhere..but l dont have any :cry:

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great thread victoria :)


some of my ambitions:


-to travel all around the world and just take it all in

-to meet the people who have inspired me

-to meet my friends from this board

-to play guitar

-to play piano

-to dye my hair a very outragous (sp?) color

-to draw

-to find my soulmate..i know he's out there :roll:

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jep great thread!

vin.. i like your idea!

hmm.. mine would be to feel as often as possible as comfortable as yesterday!

such a wonderful day i had :roll:

..just find someone to be with all the time :shrug:

that's it :)

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I did my work experience with a class of 5/6/7 year olds. I had thought about becoming a primary school teacher but to tell u the truth I picked the closest place for placement so i could lie in in the mornings!


Anyways, daunting as it was.... it was the best experience i've ever had. i was set to work with this 7 year old girl who was having trouble with her maths tables and worked with her every morning from monday to thursday. i was absolutely terrified because i could never do maths myself and here i was teaching a little girl!! thought... "im gonna ruin her life! :shock: " but by thursday she was goin soooo well!! she was getting 99% of the problems right and i was sooooooo proud.


The sense of satisfaction and fulfilment every day when i went home made me determined to become a primary school teacher....


"to teach, is to touch a life forever" :D


Thus...my ambition

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