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If you could dress a member of the opposite sex ...


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the ultimate eye-catching outfit for a girl to wear... to me is this...


Thank God peasant blouses and tunic shirts are back in style, because those on a girl is extremely sexy. Especially the ones that lace up in the front... mmm... I guess i have sort of a medieval fantasy, i dunno...


and flare jeans with that... that makes my day...

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That's very interesting because I've been looking at all that peasant floaty cheesecloth stuff and thinking yuk, how can anybody think that's sexy? I thought it just looked shapeless and unlovely. But there you go. How wrong can I be? *chucks away stilletto leather boots and mini skirt and digs out ancient lace-up-the-front baggy white crumpled cheesecloth shirt that belonged to older sister* :D

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I cant quite explain what my perfect clothing for a woman would be, words dont quite add up how sexy it is, so I'll just post a picture.

























































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