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New UK Coinage


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From the middle of this year, the UK Royal Mint will begin introducing the new coinage into the currency. I don't know what you guys think, but I reckon this lot looks pretty cool to me!!




By them selves they don't look like much, but when they're put together, you get:




Pretty cool huh?

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jigsaw puzzle money :D


So how old does the Queen look on the other side? I have a set of young Queen coins, middle aged Queen coins and old Queen coins. These must be really old Queen coins.


And if she punts out, do they have to round up every coin and note in the country, destroy it and re-mint all the money for the UK with the new Monarch?

If so, Chuckie or Wills? That Wills money would be sexy. Fountains might throw the Chuckie money back at you. :P

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hmmm so the royal symbolism slowly leaves. how long til we chuck the Queen off the other side?


Well they have already chucked off Wales :laugh3:


It seems to be a complete and utter pointless rebranding exercise, only to cause confusion with the lack of the numbers on the coins and with tourists getting mixed up with 2 different styles for each coin. Noting wrong with the current coins

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i think i've even seen that one before! :lol: the ones i have left over from my little adventure over there look much like that, except the very center is silver-colored while the outside is gold-colored. where have you been, semy?! :P


i still think the new money is really, really cool!! can't wait to use it when i'm over there! i hope it's in decent circulation by 2009-2010.

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I don't think I've ever seen a cop with a gun in the uk! They just have those batton things, and their stab-proof vests!


That image of the 2pound coin isn't much good, its much more two toned, silver and gold in real life.

Although I actually found a gold proof of one of the Commonwealth Games 2 pound coins in my change the other day, provided I can get it authenticated, they say its worth several hundred pounds!!! :o Time will tell if thats real, but I really hope so :p

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Is it true or is it an American myth that your Cops don't even carry guns?


Apart from the armed response unit, British transport police & the military police.


Although it's a mystery why the British transport police carry guns

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