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The Coldplaying Pub.

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sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)

pretty accurate thinking I guess  love fans with the weather they're talking about, we just got an airco


It's a bit of an acquired taste. :laugh3:


:lol: Well I mean, I don't drink any alcoholic beverage in general so I even managed to get fuggin' drunk on my first Guinnes LOLFAIL


But the pub and the people were nice and somehow I managed to find the only pub in Dublin that didn't play some nice traditional Irish music but covered Coldplay songs. THREE of them.

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That's good because the price of alcohol here is absolutely ridiculous :laugh3: I reckon you saved yourself a small fortune :P


It was fucking expensive! :stunned: I went there with a friend and we payed like 14€ or something for 2 Guinness. I was like "this better tastes good for all dat moneyz" but well... at least the music was nice :laugh3:

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