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Violet Hill Single LEAKED!!


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Listen on Youtube:

nice cymbal part....














































































































































































































































Happy April Fool's..... 15 days late :laugh3: that was one of the funnest things I've ever done in my entire life.... LOL everyone!

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^Yeah, I was pretty sure that it was a rickroll, so I didn't even click. I'm getting good at sensing these things.
Yeah, the way I know is just going by the fact that the link was a youtube one. If a song was really leaked, it would be as an AUDIO file, not a video, and it would be through a torrent or something. It actually needs to be leaked for a good few hours before someone bothers to make a youtube video out of it, and in that few hours of it being leaked, we would certainly know about it.


So yes, NEVER trust a youtube link when someone is telling you its a leaked song! :rolleyes:

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When I clicked on the link I had two thoughts in my head:

1. If this link defies all odds and somehow actually turns out to be a legit leaked version of violet hill, I will close the window immediately and never come near it again.

2. I am 99% positive this is a stupid prank, probably a rick-roll...


Turns out I was right, good thing it was just the youtube rick-roll and not the one you had to chase around your screen.

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luckily, i had a very nice warning that told me not to have a heart attack when i came back and found the thread. otherwise i'd be releasing a stream of curses and tears on your ass right now.


the thread title would have sent me into cardiac arrest, but i do wonder whether or not i would have believed it once i saw the youtube link...:thinking:

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