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Chris Martin in Be Here Row


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THERE are raised eyebrows in the OASIS camp over COLDPLAY’s decision to release their new album on a Thursday.


CHRIS MARTIN and Co hope their upcoming Viva La Vida will topple Oasis’ 11-year reign with Be Here Now as the fastest-selling British record.


But the Manchester band’s team believe Coldplay are stealing their idea to do it.


Be Here Now sold almost 700,000 copies in the first three days of sale in 1997.


Oasis released it on a Thursday — rather than the usual Monday — with three days of manic sales enough to catapult it to No1. Coldplay are doing the same with Viva La Vida, out on June 12.


Their last album, X&Y, is currently second on the fastest-selling list.


An Oasis source said: “Some people reckon Coldplay have nicked their successful blueprint from Be Here Now to try to break the record.”


But an insider in the Coldplay camp said: “The band decided to release the album on a Thursday to bring it in line with the rest of Europe.


“Oasis was never an influence.”I’m looking forward to seeing how many copies they shift.


It’ll be massive...but I think the Oasis figure is a big ask.





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Ok, one, when are Oasis NOT in a row with someone? And two, stuff the "un-Coldplay-ness" of it, if it annoys Oasis, DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. About bloody time someone put the prats in their places.:smug:

Although we all saw the ugly, ugly situation after the Blur vs Oasis feud. Start THAT one again, thats clever!:rolleyes: Not quite on the same scale, but you never know what to expect. If it sells....






Although some half decent tracks. But you didnt hear that from me.

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Haha, I think this is something The Sun have thought up and put into the mouths of "sources of the bands"


I can see Liam being a nobhead over it, as he has a very rocky relationship with Chris. Noel always has nothing but nice things to say about Coldplay though.

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Oasis Vs. Coldplay: Celebrity Death Match




In the light blue corner we have Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis. In the err... yellow corner we have Chris Martin of Coldplay, and in the midst? A right battle between their publicists over the vitally important issue of *drumroll*.... who's idea it was to release an album on a Thursday.


‘Viva La Vida’, Coldplay’s fourth album, was originally scheduled for release on June 16th, however, the band have brought the release forward to June 12th, a Thursday.


This is where it all gets juicy, with Oasis believing this is because Coldplay want to break their fastest-selling British album record, a mark set by the band's third release 'Be Here Now'.


The Sun today, quotes an “anonymous” source in their paper who is “close” to Oasis: “Some people reckon Coldplay have nicked their successful blueprint from 'Be Here Now' to try to break the record.”


However Coldplay's reps offered the following riposte: “The band decided to release the album on a Thursday to bring it in line with the rest of Europe. Oasis was never an influence.”


Quite where Oasis are barking on this occasion we're not sure. It's widely known that Oasis brought forward the release of their third LP because the band's distribution company were worried that import copies from America would surface in the U.K before the Monday it was due to hit the shelves.


Why either band actually concerns themselves with this is another topic altogether.


So to decide who loves Thursday's the most, all we can suggest is a long, bloody, Celebrity Death Match to decide the winner.


Now if only we could throw My Chemical Romance into the mixer too.



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I have a feeling that this record will be smashed anyway.


It would be worth watching to see if the record gets broken as it was set in the time when there was no illegal downloads.


X&Y fell about 300K short if i remember correctly

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Liam Gallagher needs to go back to doing what he does best: (a) ripping off the Beatles; and (b) getting his teeth knocked out in barroom brawls.


He has to be most of THE most miserable human beings ever to walk the earth!

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