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The Kooks Defend Coldplay


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THE Kooks’ Luke Pritchard has slammed Coldplay critics and claims Chris Martin’s crew are “the best band in the world”.


Despite new album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends selling shedloads since its release, it has come in for a tongue-lashing.


The band have also received stick, despite being odds-on for a No 1 single with Viva La Vida this weekend.


Coldplay have been criticised for everything from their costumes to 31-year-old Chris’s enthusiastic dancing.

But Luke reckons it’s all down to jealousy.


He told me: “Coldplay are the best band in the world and the single Violet Hill is pure genius, simple as that.


“I can’t believe that they’re getting a hard time.


“It’s weird. How can people undermine them? To me Cold­play are other-worldly.


“I love the whole thing they’ve got going on on this album with the Les Misérables theme.


“I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to see David Bowie in his Space Oddity days and even though it’s not as shocking, Coldplay have got a similar thing going on.”


Luke added: “People diss it because it’s popular.


“Well, whatever. Say that when it sells millions of albums. Coldplay aren’t a short-term thing.


“People still listen to their old albums. How many of the so-called cool bands can you say that about?”


The 23-year-old – whose band release new single Shine On next month from their second No 1 album Konk – understands what Coldplay are going through.


He explained: “When our first album was out people were quite sly, slowly chipping away at us and undermining our confidence. We got a lot of stick for basically having melodic music you can sing along to.


“Some bands get rave reviews, then you listen to them and you’re like: ‘This is absolute sh*t.’


“I’m happy with how Konk has gone ’cos we took a step back as soon as it was released. It’s weird how some bands really seek publicity. I love being in a band but I get paranoid with the attention.”


Stay as you are mate, we love it…



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