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So many new people..-.

Gitta Rensolo

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Same here, actually! We eve joined this board in the same month!


Weee! So after, let's say, 3 years we'll be like OOOLD and go "whoa, we both have been here since February 2006!"


erm, yeah there was a point in that :lol:



Woah, looking at when you guys joined...didn't realize I joined before most of you!


you don't count - you're a super-oldie!

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Same here :embarassed:


We're so old :disappointed:

*takes a look at mc now and feels younger again*





I'm older though :bigcry:


I'm gonna get a convertible and a toy boy to make myself feel young again :gorgeous:

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I'm definitely the X&Y generation. Man, that'd really suck if I only got into Coldplay in this gen. I'd be so behind and people on here wouldn't take me seriously.


Well, I'm X&Y generation in real life...


Or are y'all just talking about this forum? In that case, I've become quite suicidal after reading this thread.

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