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The Other Accents Poll


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It's funny how northerners (Americans) tend to associate having a southern accent with being dumb. It's like the last bit of stereotyping that's socially acceptable these days.


Some of the smartest people I've ever met have strong southern accents.

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british, spanish (this is purely based on a tv-show where their english was hilarious and the accent ah)


I don't like scottish too muh..it takes too much of my brain capasity to even understand what they're saying. It's a pity though :(

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It's not a great poll because there's a bunch of different British accents. It might not sound like it to Americans or Australians but if you put me (from Newcastle) and someone (from London) together you'd notice a massive difference.

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^ Mark, two words for you (again): ROLL EYES


^^Ireentje - best choice of them all! :nice:


And Indya, I'm resentful of the fact that you simply put down "Irish" - there are many many many many many different accents in such a small country. How dare you lump me in with someone from D4. :P (Its a whole Dublin thing btw) ;)

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