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**Coldplay Song Summer Madness**

Chris's Nuts

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This is a continuation of thread http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=47370


Took 45+ members top 25 songlists and tabulated 64 top songs. This is the "team" lists which I have for a "March Madness" type bracket here: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=287321 (Let me know if you can or can't see it.)


I'll run a few games at a time and then stop them, gather results, and present a winner for each game. I'll enter these into that bracket so you can keep track of results. We'll do all games in this central thread and you can check the bracket results in the links above. Then I'll keep this thread going for the next batch.



First FOUR games


A Rush Of Blood To The Head beats 42, 13-7

Brothers And Sisters beats Animals, 16-4

Clocks beats Cemetaries Of London, 12-8

Don’t Panic beats Daylight, 16-4


Second FOUR games


GPASUYF pulls it out and scores the final goal, beats Fix You, 8-7

Green Eyes beats High Speed, 11-4

I Ran Away beats Ladder to the Sun, 10-5

Lovers in Japan beats Life Is For Living, 14-1




Moses beats Only Superstition 11-3

Politik beats See You Soon 12-3

Speed of Sound beats Sleeping Sun 14-1

Square One beats Swallowed in the Sea 9-6


Fourth Four Games


The World Turned Upside Down beats The Hardest Part 8-7!!

Twisted Logic beats Til Kingdom Come 11-4

Viva La Vida beats We Never Change 11-4

Yellow beats White Shadows 10-5


Fifth Four Games


Amsterdam beats A Message, 12-3

Careful Where You Stand beats Bigger Stronger, 10-5

Chinese Sleep Chant beats Crests Of Waves, 9-6

Death And All His Friends killed Everything's Not Lost ,14-1


Sixth Four Games


Gravity beats For You 11-4

How You See The World beats Help is Just Around the Corner, 8-7 (from behind win!)

In My Place beats Life in Technicolor 8-7 (from behind win!)

Lost beats Low, 11-4


Seventh Four Matches


Parachutes beats Ode To Deodorant 9-6

Shiver beats Proof 9-6

Spies BARELY takes the win over Sparks 8-7

Srawberry Swing beats Talk 10-5


Eighth Four Matches


The Scientist beats Things I Dont Understand 11-4

Trouble makes it by Violet Hill 9-6

Warning Sign sweeps away What If 11-4

Yes comes back after X&Y and wins 8-7





First Semi Final Results


A Rush Of Blood to The Head beats Brothers And Sisters 11-4

Clocks slid by Don't Panic for a VERY close win 8-7


Second Semi Final Results


God Put A Smile Upon Your Face beats Green Eyes 11-4

Lovers In Japan beats I Ran Away 10-5


Third Semi Finals Results


Politik beats Moses 12-3

Square One beats Speed Of Sound 9-6


Fourth Semi Finals Results


Twisted Logic beats the World Turned Upside Down 13-2

Viva La Vida beats Yellow 10-5


Fifth Semi Finals Results


Gravity BARELY takes the win over How You See The World 8-7

Lost! came back up on In My Place for the win 8-7


Sixth Semi Final Results


Shiver beats Parachutes 14-1

Spies somehow gets by Strawberry Swing 8-7


Seventh Semi Final Results


Amsterdam demolishes Careful Where You Stand 15-0

Death And All His Friends beat Chinese Sleep Chant 10-5


Eighth Semi Final


The Scientist beat Trouble 11-4

Warning Sign smashed Yes 13-2





First Quarter Final Results


Clocks beats A Rush Of Blood To The Head 15-10

Lovers In Japan beats God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 16-9


Second Quarter Final Results


Politik manhandles Square One 22-3

Viva La Vida pummels Twisted Logic 19-6


Third Quarter Finals Results


Death And All His Friends kills Amsterdam 15-10

Lost beats Gravity 17-8


Fourth Quarter Final


Shiver beats Spies 19-4

The Scientist beats Warning Sign 13-10







First Division Final


Clocks beat Lovers In Japan 13-11

Viva La Vida beati Politik 13-11


Second First Division Final


Death and All His Friends beats Lost 15-10

The Scientist beats Shiver 14-11





Championship Match Results


Viva la Vida beats Clocks 18-6

The Scientist beats Death and All His Friends 14-10





**The Coldplay Cup **


The Scientist beat Viva la Vida 13-12

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At half-time


Match 1: AROBTTH is playing surprisingly strong game against the favored 42 which has been plagued by injuries and mistakes. Score is currently 9-3 with AROBTTH clearly ahead.


Match 2: Animals has been dominated all game long by the co-ed team of Brothers & Sisters and has nearly avoided being shut out. Score is 11-1 at the half.


Match 3: This is the game to watch. Clocks has been neck and neck all match with Cemeteries of London who is showing a youthful energy despite his team name. Score is close with Clocks leading 7-5. Is time ticking out on the former champion?


Match 4: Don't Panic is showing that its veteran team can compete well against its cheery competitor Daylight. Don't Panic leads 8-4 and seems clearly confident.


Summer Madness commences with second half action!

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Thx, Well I'll only elongate each match if there's ties. Otherwise I may be lucky to get to a page 2 at this rate. Next set of matches i think I'll state that the game will go for the first 15 votes and then end. While going by pages is easy its a slow process. I'd rather reward those who respond quick then wait for stargglers.

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