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Lost! 3 Single? 3tracks


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A brand new single is available as promo on eBay now.

Maybe would it be the 3rd single..





1. Lost! Album version

2. Lost? Acoustic version

3. Lost- Instrumental version




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I dont think it'll be the accoustic version again as it was already on the VH single..

and Ebay might very well be wrong as it was for the VLV single. it said it'd be VLV radio edit as a second track.. so who knows.. :rolleyes:

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I don't expect any b-side in the near future, as they seem to have decided on a new marketing strategy: sell them all at once as an EP. Its kind of annoying as I always thought in the past Coldplay gave the most for you dollar as their singles generally contained not even just one but often multiple b-sides. But times are a changing, whats to be done.

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Remember this is only a promo, not the actual single. Like the Viva la Vida promo had the album version + radio edit, but the actual single had Death Will Never Conquer as a b-side. There is still some, if not minimal hope, though I'll probably put bets on LIJ acoustic as the b-side or something.


Still, I guess this confirms Lost! as the 3rd single.

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reckon we'll get this:


1. Lost!

2. (short song for b-side)



1. Lovers In Japan

2. (same as above)


It follows the pattern of the previous two singles.


I guess The Goldrush and The Dubliners fit the bill here :)


Lost! promos are now popping up all over ebay suddenly, I expect a track list for the real thing soon!

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