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Whats the first thing u fink about when u hear........


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I fink tho its a great title 4 the album' date='i don`t fink any1 could have thought of it.[/quote']


What?! What?!?! Sorry?! WHAT?!


OK I calm now. I dont think Coldplay should be allowed to take any credit for the title of this album, seeing as they didnt think of the line (But then again, if thats the new rule then Coldplay cant take credit for about 80% of their music). A Rush of Blood to the Head is such a shitty title, because they only used this stupid cliche because its a universal thing which will sell records and grant Coldplay the image that they wannabe. Its not something you actually have to think up of, its mentioned in every football match when someone gets a red card, its like calling your album "The Grass is Always Greener on the Otherside" or "A Stich in time Saves Nine" (Hahahaha). It doesnt require a whole lot of creativity to think up of this title.


Same goes for Radiohead, it is a rather shanty title. But at least its a bit more interesting and sets the theme for the album, I still dont enjoy the title a whole lot. AROBTTH is apparently about the split second decisions people make, which is fine, not interesting at all, but it passes. Using this idea could they not have thought of an decently interesting title? Y'know, one which showed some bravery. If he wanted it to contain all those things he coulda called it The Greater Oracle or something, thats a name off the top of my head and I'd much better appreciate The Greater Oracle (Which sucks) over A Rush Of Blood to the Head (Whick FUCKING sucks).

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