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Chris looks cool again!

the hitcher

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Chris has shaved his head :dance: he looks cool again :laugh3: :D He looked his coolest around the Parachutes/A Rush Of Blood To The Head era and he's lost his curly mop in the recent BBC pictures! Who was a fan of the mop? I wasn't really that keen on the mop I prefare him with shaved head :D Discuss... :laugh3:


468722tc0.jpg Vs chrismartin7galcoldplaymf2.jpg

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I love chris with long hair too...not too long thought...the maximal lenght could be the one in the picture above...not more:P:P


I don't know...he looks older and ..sick with THAT short hair...I don't know:confused:...I say long live the long and a bit curly hair:heart:

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