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WHy Coldplaying.com is the place to hangout?


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I thinkn COldplaying.com is a place to hangout really its like a chat room 10 times bigger with more interests and conversations..... I really enjoy the different threads here ...i seldom go to the coldplay forum now..... I dont really want to know much of what coldaply is doing right now since its repititive..I love the fact that you can ineract with many cool people from different countries with different interests and many stuuf to talk about but with only maybe one commonality their love for coldplay

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in Common


What we have in comon is everything, at least from my perspecitve. We all love, we all cry and we all poop. As if God wants to remind us that it was He who created us and not us who created him.


...unless you live on earth where mankind has created many religions and each one has it's own god. But yes, you are also completely right, music has a tremendous power to bind and bond people becuse it goes straight to the heart of the matter so to speak.

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