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Coldplaying.com sends all its Love to EnglishSilk!!


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Many of us here at Coldplaying will know the lovely EnglishSilk (Karen).


Her incredible sense of humour and love for Coldplay (and a certain Mr Martin in particular!) light up the board when she posts :sunny:


Some of us will have seen her crack jokes about her illness, as she went about the all-important business of planning to get to gigs, (and how to get into Chris's hotel room!)


Many people will also have seen her 'butterfly baby crib mobile project', where she requested a butterfly from every gig to make her newest grandchild a mobile.


She has been incredibly touched by everyone's kindness with her project, although the loveliness of it was bound to grab attention, I'd say!!


I was lucky enough to become friendly with Karen through here, and have been having tremendous laughs recently with this incredible lady.


I made this thread for her because she's a bit poorly at the moment, for public messages of love and support for Karen and her family, and the response was wonderful :)


I asked if anyone would like to post a picture of the lovely Chris for her, as it would be most appropriate, and the results were, as Karen might say, 'well tasty'!!


Thank you all so much for the incredible messages of love and support for Karen :)


Kels is so very grateful and touched, but feels her Mum might not appreciate so much fuss being made over her in public (my fault - sorry Karen, please don't kick me too hard in the groin for that!!)


So, could any further messages of support please be sent to Karen by email (PM me for the address please)?


Kels will be sure to print them off and take them to her, as she will all the wonderful messages already gratefully received on this thread :)


Important - please don't PM Kels herself about this right now, as she already has a lot to think about. The email address I give you will get any messages through to Karen :)


Thanks so much again, on behalf of Kels and Coldplaying's very own dear EnglishSilk!!







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I wish to send all my love to EnglishSilk Karen and her daughters. This lady is beautiful, that's what I thought from the first time I read her. I wish you all a lot of strengh and courage. And to feel the love that is in the world.



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These small sunbeams will arrive very soon by post with in addition a little gift ! Enormous kisses !

I wish you any height of love, tenderness and health ! By hoping that the sun of France reaches to to you ! By hoping that everything goes for best very fast !


Big Love & Best wishes


Cha :kiss:

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Thanks so much for the wonderful messages so far folks!!


I'm about to play some of her favourite songs for her - Yes (you better bloody play it in Oklahoma Mr Martin!!), The Hardest Part, A Message.


Don't be shy to spam this thread with any pics or videos of the love of her life - Chris!! :D

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I'm sending some love. Best wishes!


See, Chris will try to fix you and put a smile upon your face :heart::

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV0C5UE56Nw]YouTube - COLDPLAY - Fix You (live at BBC Centre 18.06.2008)[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3AEtE1v6oo]YouTube - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face BNN Pop Secret[/ame]


Hope you will recover fast.

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We live in a beautiful world,

yeah we do, yeah we do,

We live in a beautiful world

Oh all that I know

there's nothing here to run from

'cause yeah everybody here's got somebody to lean on (in coldplaying.com!)







The doctor recommends a high daily dose of Coldplay, it's very therapeutic!:flutterby:

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I've spoken to her a few select times and she is a very very sweet , nice lady.


She told us about her illness a while ago and it saddens me to even think about it.

she's a brave lady and she made me smile when we spoke.


I hope her every health and wellness that I possibly can.


she's a good person and she deserves her good health.



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Karen, we are all thinking about you and hoping and praying that all this love can heal you. Your kids and your grandbabies need you, Karen!!! And we do too:wink: Think positive. Stay positive. Beat this thing and come back to tell the tale.


Now...on to some Chrissyness...








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I sadly never really talked to Karen but I always thought she must have a nice character and her butterfly project for her grandchild always made me smile because it's sooo cute :flutterby:


Best wishes and I hope you'll recover very soon :heart:

just some presents for you :) :



















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I just heard about this sad sad news...

I only spoke to Karen briefly on here, but even in that short bit of contact you can tell Karen is an amazing, sprakling and brave person!

I have some butterflies ready to be sent, just waiting on some stamps... I just wanna say that I wanna make it my mission to get them sent out first thing tomorrow!


I truly hope the sun will come out soon, for Karen and her family, and I hope all of us here on coldplaying can help send that sun over to her... so here's my contribution:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYyN935tN7A]YouTube - Coldplay "Lovers In Japan" Live At The BBC 6/18/08[/ame]


Love Carla

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