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American Girls? Guys what do you think?


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My favourite accents are probably Scouse and Geordie.







my girlfriend actually complains when my accent fades. it stands out sometimes and then other times it just tones down.. i guess i do it subconsciously to make it easier for people to understand me but she tries to go like "alreeeeeeeet?" to make it more pronounced from me. it's sorta cute.



but on the topic of american girls, 2 were on my bus today and that's a sexy sexy accent there. it was like, 2 hot cheerleader girls talking in it, as well.



oh and i don't like cheryl cole's accent. it's nice to hear a geordie voice on tv a bit but sometimes i think she puts it on cause it makes her stand out a bit.

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Accents are a strange thing. One of my friends sounded kinda neutral when she went to uni here. She graduated this summer and went back to her hometown [Chelmsford] and she sounds proper posh now. That's probably what she used to sound like before she went to uni but it's kind of weird because she's only been home for about three months.

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Or she would laugh in your face cos you look like you are 12


I have met Cheryl a few of times and by met I mean I saw her in the street (and at a girls aloud Top of the Pops performance)


It was joke!, Anyway at least I can string a sentence together, I saw you on that video you made a few weeks ago and you could hardly talK! :lol:

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Especially if she visited Birmingham!!:P
Actually I didn't have problems at understanding people in Birmingham. Save for a crazy woman from Manchester and a policeman. :P


*we should start a thread on here with voice recordings no bad words*

This thread exists already! It's called The Voice Thread :nice:


And hm, I kinda think Scandinavian guys are the best - you know, blond and tall :laugh4: But I don't know ... I can't generalise that way. *shrug*


About Americans ... so far I think I've met only two of them - a girl who's probably 3-5 years older than me - and a man in his 30's. Both of them were cheerleaders and fun.

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Guest LiquidSky
I really like Irish accents, can't really differentiate between places because I've never been to Ireland though. I prefer Northern (England) accents to Southern one. My favourite accents are probably Scouse and Geordie.


I like Irish accents too.. he? hehehe how cute :nice: and I think Italian guys are handsome. I can't understand English accent most of the time which it has me either confused or laughing 'cause I can't understand a word they are saying.

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