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My Chris Martin Jacket(Halloween Costume)(Creating your own VLV outvits)


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i made a a jacket for my halloween costume, here are some pics of the jacket its modeled after and the jacket i made. will post more prob later today. 1213368111_5799.jpg




here is a pic of me wearing it




sorry but the pic is reversed cuz i took it using my iSight and i forgot to flip it

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Im jealous! Yesterday my brother told me he wanted to be The Joker and we had to throw a costume together real quick...once we were done I was like, "Crap Joseph! You could have been Chris Martin!"

He looked at me and was really mad that I didnt think of it earlier!!


I love the costume though!! VERY CLOSE to Chris! :nice:

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I'm doing the same thing, but yours is much better than mine! I only decided on doing this about three days ago and had to grab a jacket from Goodwill, which is alright, but not really in the "military style" so the buttons are off, but I don't think anyone will care anyway. :laugh4:


I'm just hoping someone actually recognizes who I am! What did you use for your armbands? They look nice--I just cut some strips out of old T-shirts.

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I dressed like Chris Martin too! I kinda mixed both his and Jonny's jacket when I made it. I have the lyrics to Glass of Water on the other sleeve and the moon with the star too, but you can't see it. I also made the shirt as close to the original one one as I could. I'm pretty proud of it.


You can just barely see the V on my shirt. :lol: I might take a better picture of the jacket and shirt later on.

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