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Thread for Jacob


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Jacob is wonderful and is going through a hard time right now that he really doesn't deserve :cry: . Let him know through this thread just how wonderful he is. This can't even do him justice, but it might make him feel a little better. So help me out so I can help out my friend.


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jacob is an amazing guy. from the first time i talked to him in the phone he was amazing! hes hilarious cute....AND even inthose awkward silences where we cant think of anything to talk about he says *in macho voice* "sooo whacha....thinking about" IT CRACKS ME UP EVERY TIME. hes amazing. one of the nicest funniest vutest irresistable guys ive ever met. I LOVE HIM. jacob you rock my socks buddy! :cool:

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Hey Jacob....... i've just been "talking" to ya on MSN and you kinda disappeared offline!

But just thought i'd take the opportunity to contribute to this thread, keep smiling :smug:

even though things seem pretty dark something will always be there to light your life again.



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