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Show Off Your Postcards for the Postcards from Far Away Project!


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Once your postcards are finished and ready to go, scan them or take a picture of them and post the images in this thread! :D


We want to see everyones' hard work and even the messages, if you're willing to share them! :dance:


I'll post mine later in the week, but if yours are ready now, feel free to post them. If you're willing to share, it would be great to share them as soon as you get them ready :nice:

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First (bad quality) pictures :)


It says "Talviset Terveiset (Finnish)/Greetings from Finland" There is wolves, snowman, reindeers, Helsinki (the capital of Finland), snow...



Butterflies :heart:



I haven't written my messages yet :rolleyes:

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i'll post a picture of my handmade one tomorrow. i wish it was better, but it's all i've really got :P


for the other one, i'm trying to decide between two things i've photoshopped. you've seen them both before, but i'll post them anyway:


(ignore the blue writing and red stars on the top--it would just be what's inside the white rectangle on the postcard)





i like the george bush one much much better in terms of style, but the barack one is more relevant and much more happy. i've considered sending them both instead of my handmade "pretty" one, but they're both essentially the same thing anyway, and i feel like there needs to be a balance of politics and niceness :lol:


any suggestions? i already have the bush one printed and ready to go, if that affects any decisions :P

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